Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simple Gift Idea For Elderly Friend

Our church has the young kids "adopt" an older member and we give them little gifts or do something nice for them. We try to keep things going fairly regularly for them and a lot of the members happen to also be widows. We set a small dollar limit for the gifts so I ran down to my local Dollar General store to see what I might could get our lady. They had some really nice throw blankets that I imagined she could throw over her shoulders or use on the extra cool nights. I am not sure if she likes to do puzzles but this book of puzzles was on clearance and then I picked up a simple frame and printed out a free fall printable. (If you want to know where I got it just let me know) Then I just wrapped it all up in a bow and will add a tag later.

I think this would be an easy gift for an elderly person. Something they can use (blanket), something they can do (word puzzles) and something they can enjoy in their home (framed print). I hope she enjoys it and is able to use it.

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