Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Hutch

Admittedly, I am not a big Halloween decorator. I never decorated for the holiday at all before we had kids and we were married and had a home for 5 years before we had Jonah. It was not a holiday that my parents decorated for very much either. Now that Jonah is older and gets into the holidays more, I am enjoying adding a little touch of spooky to our a cutesy kind of spooky!

Sidebar: When I was in elementary school my Dad (who loved woodworking) cut some really huge pumpkins out of plywood and my Mom (who was very crafty) painted them each with a face. They were literally taller than me and they would put them out in our front yard (which was really open and big) as their fall/Halloween decor. Everyone loved them and us kids thought they were so cool. My Dad (who is also an electrician) would set up a spotlight for nighttime too!

Think something like the picture below but on a larger scale and with plywood with hand painted faces. I got this from Pinterest.

I wish I still had them to use in my yard now! But back to my Halloween decorations. I just decorate my white hutch in the living room and add a few pumpkins and a wreath to the door and call it good. Most everything I used this year is stuff I've had for a couple of years but I did buy the black, spooky tree at a barn sale this year for $12. I love it so! I may add some small ornaments to it...or not.

Do you decorate much for Halloween or just for Fall?

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