Monday, April 2, 2012

Confessions, Volume 1 LOL

So I see several other blogger Moms that do little confessions posts. I enjoy reading their honest confessions of things they are going through in their lives so I thought I would jot some of mine down. Sometimes you just need to get it all out so you can move on...ya know? Most are just things I'm going through right now and thoughts I have.

1. I am tanning again. In a tanning bed. Yes I know it is not good for me. Maybe I am vain but I did not enjoy being the pasty white one last year all summer. The sad thing is I have a nice pool and pool deck but I never go out there an sun bathe. So since we are going to the beach this year I have started tanning already. We don't even go until June. It takes me that long to get a good base tan because I am so fair-skinned. So it's out there now for whoever should judge me. LOL. I am enjoying it too because I know it's not something I will do again for a couple of years. That's the plan at least. I just feel better about myself in shorts and skirts when I have a tan. Maybe it's worth it???

2. I am so forgetful here lately....well since Jonah was born I think. It's like I just cannot seem to remember things that people tell me or dates that I need to remember to do something. I really hope it's just Mommy-brain because I get worried sometimes that maybe I am having early-stages of some kind of dementia. LOL I am considering getting a smart-phone next time so that I can get stuff set up to remind myself of things.

3. Michael and I were really struggling the last couple of months on deciding when was a good time to add to our family. I was just so concerned about whether we should wait longer or go ahead and jump on it. We really want to try to plan to have our next one during a time that is NOT mid-summer. My body just does not do well with pregnancy and any one's really does. So all that to say we finally sat down and really discussed it and decided to wait one more year before trying again. I can't explain the peace that has come over me just knowing we are on the same page about this. Of course God knows all the plans he has for us and maybe he has plans before next year or even later than that but for us....our plans are to wait a bit longer.

4. I miss time to myself to just do stuff I enjoy. Like making crafts and running to the store whenever I want. I know one day I will miss having a little buddy to go with me and do all these things. But some days I just like my quiet time to myself. I hope that doesn't sound too selfish because I would not trade my little man for anything in this world.

That is all for today.....


  1. My daughter is turning 3 in a week and I still have mommy brain!

  2. I think some brain cells die each pregnancy... never to return! I miss tanning... it is so bad for you but feels oh so good to be nice and tan! I miss time to myself... if I had time to myself, I would sleep!
    You should link up to the weekly confessions over at Glad I found your blog, cant wait to read more!

  3. I so appreciate your honesty! I am about to try to start tanning again too. I think--if I can find the time to go enough to actually get tan. =) It makes me feel better about myself too!
    As far as when to have the next sounds like you have a good plan. My boys are all just over three years apart and the transition was each time was not as challenging as when they are closer together. Plus, they all had their own time to be "the baby". I know everyone has an opinion on that subject and I just don't think there is a right or wrong answer. Just what works for your family. Sorry- I rambled there. =)
    Your little man is so super cute!! Those eyes are beautiful!!
    Btw, I am your newest follower!


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