Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I don't see myself ever being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). Sometimes it makes me really sad to think about it that way. For financial reasons I probably never will be. I'm pretty much ok with that because I feel blessed to be where I am at right now. But there are days when I wish I could just throw it all away and stay home with Jonah every day and not worry about how the ends would meet (or not meet) or how we would ever afford to send him to college. But this is real life and (for us) we both work outside the home so that we can give him every advantage we can afford and some little luxuries along the way. Jonah will grow up seeing both of us work hard at home and in our occupations. I absolutely know that SAHMs work their butts off too so I am under no illusions of what I would be giving up (a JOB for 24/7 job of a SAHM).

But just for fun I thought I would list out the things that I would want to do with Jonah every week or as often as possible if I was a SAHM. We will still do these things I know.....but probably mostly on weekends or days I happen to be off work.

1. Go to the playground and dig in the sand and slide down the slides and just be totally wore out by the end of the day.

2. Take off and go to the zoo once a month

3. Go to story time every week and the library and check out new books for each week.

4. Go to some type of extra class.....maybe music??

5. Go to the grocery store and out to eat lunch once a week

6. Swim in our pool here at our house in the summer time. Probably a few times a week.

7. Take lunch to Dada and see him at work.

8. Take Jonah to visit with my grandparents (his great-grandparents) at least once a month so he would know them well.

9. Of course take him to see his grandparents but they work still too.

10. Maybe join a play group. Probably would have to start one though because we live in a very rural area.

These are just some of the things I dream about doing while he is still little. A girl can dream right!?

Thankfully he stays with my Mom (Nana) and they do a lot of these things so he still gets them.....just not with me.

Lastly I leave you with some of my favorite quotes via Pinterest.


  1. Love it. As a SAHM, there are a lot of things we have to give up (extra classes that are not free being one of them). I completely understand why someone would want to work outside the home to give their children those extra little luxuries or to make ends meet.

  2. And love the new header. Meant to say something on your last post.

  3. Meant to leave my comment under this post but accidently left it under your "Feeling Blessed" post instead...oops! Tessa

  4. Hi April, I replied to you under your Feeling Blessed post. Tessa


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