Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Jumping in to share some things I'm loving right now. You should join in too here.

I'm loving these frozen Kashi meals. I have tried two so far and love them. They are great for lunch and only 270 calories. They are not dinky servings either! I also love Michaelina's and Lean Cuisines but these are sooo much better and not much more expensive than those. Yummy!!

I'm loving these new flip flops I bought last Friday. It is already flip flop season in our neck of the woods and this brand (sold at Belks and probably other dept. stores) has so many cute patterns to choose from. They are not cheapo kind of flip flops either. I caught mine on a good sale too. The ones I got a brown with white polka dots but couldn't find a picture of them online.

I'm loving that we will be on the beach in less than 3 months!! We are planning a trip to Ft. Morgan, Alabama in June! Cannot wait! It has been 8 years since I went to the beach and that was our honeymoon!

Finally I'm loving that this is on it's way to my house. I am finally getting with the times (technologically speaking) and getting an e-reader. I love magazines and books so I figure it's time I cut down on the clutter that comes with all of that in our house. I have a really hard time throwing out old issues of magazines. I love to go back through and look at them. I am planning on cutting out things I want to keep from the magazines I have and from now on it's all digital!!

So what are you loving today? Anybody else try the new Kashi meals?

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  1. frozen Kashi dinners sound great! and have fun on your vacation!


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