Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling Blessed

For some reason I have just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and blessedness this week. I am not sure why but maybe it's just life is really great right now. It's like the stars have just aligned and I feel good, my family is happy and healthy and I am just feeling blessed and I have enjoyed seeing others around me being blessed as well.

Jonah is healthy and happy and learning so many new things each day. It is truly amazing to watch his personality bloom and see his growth from week to week. He is such an amazing part of my life and I love him so!

Michael and I by no means have a perfect marriage but we communicate every day with each other and we try to be more respecting of each other in the way we talk and act. I truly think just keeping the lines of communication open even if you are in a disagreement is how you "make it work." It works for us at least.

There have been a lot of my close friends and even some friends that I only keep up with on social media that have been blessed with new babies this week. It just makes me so happy to see babies born to such loving and kind people. So happy they are all healthy and doing well too!

I have attended a beautiful Christian wedding this weekend that just reminded me how truly wonderful marriage is and how it was always God's design that man and woman work together in love and harmony to raise children that will follow Him.

I know a post is no fun without pictures so here are some new pictures that I finally got from our photographer of Jonah. Sadly our photographer is moving out of state and so I was able to purchase all Jonah's pictures she took and our family one too. I am planning to use them and change up my blog header soon.

Have you felt blessed this week too?

First family portrait taken last Fall.

 Jonah was about 6 weeks old here.

 3 months old

 6 months old

 9 months old

 1 year old


  1. Happened upon your blog and saw that you live in Dover, Tennessee. I live in Oklahoma (I'm a married mom of 4) and my gang is counting the days until school is out when we will head to Piney Campground for our annual camping trip. I take my kids to the Dover library and the Dairy Dip every summer! I have family in Dover, Cumberland City, Bumpus Mills and a bunch of other cities across the Kentucky border. It's a small world! Tessa Barrett

  2. Hey Tessa! I could not email you back because it showed anonymous on your comments. I am glad you found my blog and we love camping at Piney too! It is a great place to camp and beautiful views. I attend church in Bumpus Mills and have family all over Stewart Co. What a small world!

  3. April, I'm so glad you replied! I couldn't believe it when I saw Dover as your location. My dad was born in Bumpus Mills and lived there until he left to to go to college at UT Martin. That's where he met my mom (she's from Newbern). They moved to Oklahoma to go to grad school and that is where I have lived my whole life. My grandparents lived in Bumpus Mills until my grandfather's death in 1994. My grandmother then moved into a retirement village in Dover, where she lived until her death 1 1/2 years ago. My aunt and uncle that live in Dover are Sherry (Cheryl) and Alfred Milliken, their son is Eric. He graduated from Dover HS in 1992. My dad is Ron (Ronnie) Sholar and he is one of 7 children. If any of your family was raised in Bumpus Mills they probably know my family. I can not tell you how many weeks of my life I have spent in your little corner of the world... it is near and dear to my heart. I never do this but I could send you my email address if you want. I'm a Christian, a SHAM, and my husband and I will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary in May... we have 4 kiddos ages 13, 10, 7, and 4. I am 38 years old. Also, I'm wondering if your husband's family is related to the Cheathams that owned a TV shop years ago? My uncle, Kenny Sholar,was married to their daughter, Lisa Cheatham, when I was maybe 10 but they divorced a few years later. Anyway, it is neat to have found this sweet blog and to hear you mention places that are happy memories in my life!

  4. That is so neat! I was actually raised in the Big Rock area (more east of Bumpus Mills) and I now live on a road that actually runs right in the middle of Stewart County. But I know a lot of people raised in Bumpus Mills from my church. I will mention your name and see if it rings any bells with them. The name Scholar sounds familiar to me. Do you know any Hargis'? We have several from that family (Sid & Virginia Clark, Dan & Birdie Wallace, Cindy and Pam Free).

    We are not related to the Cheatham's of the TV place. :) We get asked that a lot. I will have to take some pics some time of what Bumpus Mills looks like now. The old mechanic's garage is now a restaurant with some of the best catfish on Friday nights. There is also a campground (a small one) down in Bumpus Mills near Loon Bay area.

  5. I have definitely heard my dad mention the Wallace name so I'll ask him about it. And I have seen the Loon Bay sign many times, maybe on the winding drive up to my grandparents old home. My uncle still lives there in Bumpus Mills. I have a vague memory of eating at a little place called Papa Rock's or Daddy Rock's...something like that? It was years ago. I'll talk to my dad and get back to you. This is fun! Tessa


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