Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun Day 2012

Well the fall temps, colors and smells are in full force at our house! Here in our corner of Tennessee the colors are at their peak and will be going fast. We've had a tobacco barn smoking right across the street from us so we've enjoyed getting to smell that. We've have a yard full of leaves and we've already partaken in a few fall traditions.

The first weekend in October was spent going to our church's annual Fall Fun Day. We have it at one of our member's lovely homes. They have many acres of farm and tobacco and a wonderful outdoor area for us all to enjoy. The church supplies a bouncy house for the kids and there is horse-drawn carriage rides, a bonfire, a big feast, games and a hayride. This year we only stayed up until Jonah's nap time and then headed home so he could rest. Then we went back down there for the devotional. It was VERY cool that day so we opted out of the hayride for Jonah. We all really needed winter coats despite how sunny it was. Here are some pictures from that.

Jonah went immediately over to the tractor. He was amazed at the big wheels.

The back of the home. The front is beautiful too.

Driving the big tractor.

 Daddy and Jonah running to the bouncy house. I know his shirt is WAY too big but it was the smallest size "fun day" shirt we could get. LOL

 Some of the little ones. Right before we left for Jonah's nap, Michael kicked all the big kids out of the bouncy house so the 2 and 3 year olds could try it out. They had a big time in there. Jonah never would jump around though. He just crawled around in there.

 He went down the slide once with Daddy (I missed it) and then he decided to go by himself. So big and brave. He did great the first time but the second time his foot stuck near the bottom and he went forward and caught himself with his hands. He didn't want to go again after that. :)

Maybe next year it won't be so cold and we can stay all day.

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